List of References on Open Data

The following information is only part of the open data sources available for the event and participants are free to use other data sources available in the market and their own datasets.

Information Provided By Summary of Sample Datasets Reference Link
Centaline Property Agency Limited
  • Last 30 days Mid-West Unit Transaction Records
  • Mid-West Private Residence List
  • Mid-West Online Listing Information
  • Mid-West Related Articles
  • Parking In The West End
Annex I (XML、Restful)
Annex II  (CSV)
Annex III (Testing Data、XML、Restful)
Annex IV (Testing Data、XML、Restful)
Annex V (XML、Restful)
  • Legislative History of Bills
  • GovWiFi Premises
  • 2011 Population Census - Main Tabless
  • FEHD Service Locations
  • Wanted Persons With Reward Notices
  • Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities
  • Past Record of Air Quality Health Index
  • List of Licensed Restaurants In Hong Kong
  • Licenced Food Premises (Except Licensed Restaurants)
  • Speedmaps
  • Country Parks
  • Convenience Stores In HK
DATA.GOV.HK of the OGCIO Data Categories:
  • City Management
  • Climate and Weather
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Development
  • Education
  • Employment and Labour
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Housing
  • IT and Broadcasting
  • Law and Security
  • Population
  • Recreation and Culture
  • Social Welfare
  • Transport
  • Miscellaneous
  • Geographic Maps - showing different types of information through the form of maps and location
Lenovo (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Usage and User’s Preference of Lenova’s App Store
Annex VI
  • Catalog of Human Genetic Variation

Ideas Recommended by Registered Participants

Topic (Individual Applicants) Summary
1. SmartData It is an idea on Self-service UI (User Interface) platform for data clouds and to enable end users as the masters of data and data platform.
2. SpacePa It is an idea to build a web portal for short term retail space rental with Geo-spatial analysis functions. The analytics features help businesses to conduct market research and identify spaces to maximise business outcomes.
3. Virtual Tour Guide Virtual tour guide is an idea to let tourists build custom walking tour routes and introduces the sightseeing spots as the tourists gets there with the use of open data.
4. Social Advertising Media Platform  A media platform to enable everyone to share / get rewards by contributing advertising / campaigns / instant discount information.
Topic (Company Applicant) Summary
1. Give A Hand To deliver information and message of the flag-selling and other fund raising activities, which are approved by the government to the public.

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