Terms and Conditions

Please note the following to ensure your understanding of the workshop:

  1. Project ideas must be rooted in open data and ICT related areas.
  2. Participants are allowed to propose more than one idea or participate in more than one team, and each idea will be treated as an individual project.
  3. Participants shall start the work on the proposed ideas at the same time and in the beginning of event day. Please keep the works on designs beforehand, open source frameworks and anything else available before the event in minimal as team work is highly appreciated.
  4. Wifi will be provided at the venue.
  5. Participants are required to bring your own computers, adaptors and related equipment as needed to facilitate online search and access the provided sample datasets.
  6. The judging panel reserves the ultimate and absolute right on assessment of the ideas, prototypes and presentations in the event.
  7. Cyberport, as the event organiser, has the ultimate and absolute right on the operations and arrangement of the entire programme.
  8. The event is originated to inspire ideas and share experiences on the subject of open data, so the presented materials and prototypes are for the event only. There is no obligation for the organiser and supporting organisations in dealing with both the IP and the ultimate ownership of the presentation materials, which are not treated as complete projects and products.
  9. There is no obligation for any parties on the continuity of project ideas generated in the event.
  10. This website has been translated into Chinese for reference only. In case of discrepancy, the English version shall prevail.